Sprinter Van & Box Truck

When Sprinter Van & Box Truck Transportation Is An Ideal Solution For You

Ideal for transporting expedited freight requiring a larger capacity than regular vans but not as much as a flatted truck,

Sprinter van shipping

provides approximately 120-200 cubic feet of space and can typically transport 48 x 48 skids or pallets weighing a total of  100 - 4,000 pounds, including crew.

Sprint van transportation

is fuel-effective and offers great mobility on the roads, making it easy to move from one place to another as efficiently as possible. Because their roof spans are higher than cargo vans, slightly taller items can be stacked for effective transportation. Most sprinter vans also come with interior customization options, offering multiple cargo packing possibilities. 

Aerial View of Flyover Bridges

T L H Speed Logistics Rate Sheet



Standard Load Rates - $2.50/per mile

Hazmat Load Rate -$ 3.19/per mile

Twic Card Rate -$3.00/per mile

Tow Load Rate- $75.00 hitch fee and $3.00/per mile (Tow service subject to vehicle availability) maximum tow capacity 5100lbbs.

Deadhead rate- 30% of loaded mile charges

All Loads and Tow’s are subject to the company’s “Deadhead” policy of 20 miles.

*Deadhead Policy – Deadhead miles, also known as “empty miles”, describe the situation of a vehicle that is “Leaving or Returning” to home base “empty” before or after delivering their cargo. This can be a local trip back home or one that crosses the entire country.